Tai Chi – Right Heel Kick, 1991
220 x 120 x 183cm
Tai Chi – Single Whip Dip, 1986
467 x 188 x 267cm

Ju Ming

(Taiwanese, born 1938)

Ju Ming is a Taiwanese sculptor best known for his boxy bronze and steel sculptures, often displayed in public areas. His choppy structures use minimalistic geometric forms, while at the same time aiming to bring the unique qualities of the medium. The artist is most commonly associated with his 62-piece Tai Chi Series, a collection of abstract outdoor statues of people in various tai chi poses. These works convey dynamic movement and rugged carving combined with a feeling of calm strength and stability. “Art as a practice” is his philosophy toward art and his faith in life.

Today, Ming’s works are held in the collections of the National Museum of Singapore, the Tel Aviv Museum of Art, and the Ju Ming Museum in New Taipei, among others. Ming lives and works between New York, NY and Taiwan.